This talented musician was born in Venezuela on July 6th 1983. He started to fall in love with music at a very early age, and in time, started to develop certain abilities in various instruments such as guitar, Latin percussion instruments like congas, timbales, and auxiliary percussion. As he played in several bands, music became very natural to him and that´s when he started to think of a way in which he could play all this beautiful instruments and create the power of harmony, rhythm and melody. There is no doubt that for this young talented guy, music has definitely become a huge part of his life, soul and identity.

In August 2000, and in pursuit of the American dream, he crossed Venezuelan frontiers and moved to U.S.A (Washington D.C), where at the age of 17 and while attending high school took guitar & music theory lessons. Later on, in college, he took one year of harmony, melody and music composition, and in 2003, his hunger for knowledge, led him to study Latin Jazz in Towson University and to become part of the jazz ensemble, which reinforced his knowledge on the afro Cuban roots, that´s when he got his first Dj Set. For this young, talented, and proactive Venezuelan, the art of mixing came very easy, considering his music foundations, but just knowing how to mix, was never enough for him. After years of experience playing in Washington D.C, led to him to develop de real art of Djing, which is reading, working and persuading a crowd to feel the groove. This skill opened for him, the doors of some of the most respected nightclubs in D.C such as: LOVE, Fur night club, Lima, G-Stop, Penthouse-Midtown, Current, Josephines, Sweet-VIP Cafe Citron, Lupe, Sutra, Eden, Eyebar, Funxion, Yuca, Avenue, MCXIII (1223), Mezzaluna, Gazuza, Guaparos, Gallery, Chicha ,Indebleu ,Chroma(UltraBar), Grass (Miami) Anzu ,Divas , Andalu , Uptown, B52 (Venezuela) Birras (Venezuela) Draft (Venezuela) Gentilicio (Puerto La Cruz-Venezuela).

Do not think for one second that this Latin DJ will bore you with the same set all the time, for he has absolutely no genre limitations. As a musician, he has learned to respect every kind of music. He believes that there is time, a place, a mood and a vibe for every style of music. “I can play for any Crowd”. That is definitely the challenge that keeps him alive every day. He loves music, but above all, electronic music is what rocks his world, and what WILL rock yours too.

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