The DC Island Party 2011 ( Discount Tickets)

What started as a low-key get together for a small group of DJs and their friends has grown in to a 300+ series of parties held during the summer at “Camp MD”, a beautiful private campground located on the bay, just 2 hours away from DC

The place is very special, and you will see why once you get here (pics: 1 2 3 4. It’s the perfect blend of nature, with amazing natural settings and water views coupled with a massive sound setup that sits on the beach, just feet from the water. Dance under the stars around the bond fires by the speaker system or dive in to the water to cool down from the sounds of the best underground club DJs from DC, MD, VA, PA and NY.

In it’s fifth year of existence, “The Island” party gets it’s own virtual home. It’s kinda exciting and sad at the same time… this event started as a get together for a small group of alcoholics stuck on dance music, and has matured in to a “campraving experience” which, as far as we know, is totally unique. While we may miss the exclusivity that we enjoyed over the last few years, we know the party will only get better as it grows.

So, if this is your first encounter, browse the Photos and Videos to get a taste of what’s in store. Otherwise, head on straight to the Tickets and Reservations page.

See you this summer!

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